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June 14, 2011

E-coli in food were there controls in place?

Without effective controls and credible systems of management in food business, the risk of systemic breakdown increases to significant proportions the out come of which could prove to be very costly in terms of lives and lively hood.

Hesa Networks provide food management systems to international recognised standards that works to eliminate crisis like the e-coli in food out-break.

The e-coli in food out-break raging across Western Europe makes the case and begs the following questions

• Is your food business safe from this plague

• Are these breakdowns and systems failure in the food industry an inevitable consequence of self regulation

• Could a similar tragedy of e-coli in food be avoided in the future.

We argue that robust management and effective control systems backed by independent regulatory bodies would ensure safe food and better business.

This we believe is the future for a secure global food economy and an equitable business strategy.

What say you?

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